Vaccinogen Announces That Michael G. Hanna, Jr., Ph.D. is Scheduled to Speak at the Barcelona Vaccine Forum 2009 in June 2009

Apr 20, 2009

Frederick, MD, USA – April 20, 2009 – Vaccinogen, Inc. announces that Michael G. Hanna, Jr., Ph.D. is scheduled to speak at the Barcelona Vaccine Forum and Active Immunotherapeutics Forum on June 23, 2009. The focus of the presentation will be on the cutaneous, delayed type hypersensivity (DTH) as a marker for the demonstration of the functional immunogenicity of the autologous colon tumor cell vaccine, OncoVAX. Dr. Hanna will also participate in two plenary panel discussions, one entitled, "Learning Lessons from Experience to Date to Make a Compelling Business Case for Active Immunotherapy Moving Forward". The 2nd panel discussion will address, "What is the Most Reasonable Endpoint for Oncology Active Immunotherapy?" The Barcelona Vaccine Forum is to provide an opportunity for leaders in the vaccine sector to discuss their latest progress in overcoming core clinical, regulatory, manufacturing and business development challenges. The focus will be prophylactic vaccines and related technologies, such as delivery systems and adjuvants.
About Dr. Hanna
Dr. Hanna is the founder of Vaccinogen, Inc., the discoverer and developer of OncoVAX®, and a pioneer in the field of cancer vaccines. He also developed and obtained FDA approval for TICE BCG for treatment of Carcinoma in Situ ("CIS") bladder cancer. This led to worldwide registration in 1992. It remains the standard of care for prophylaxis of recurrence of superficial bladder cancer and therapy of CIS. Dr. Hanna received a doctoral degree in experimental pathology and immunology from the University of Tennessee. He has over 225 publications to his credit, has 10 patents in immunotherapy and has been the recipient of numerous honors, and served on many editorial boards.
About OncoVAX®
OncoVAX® immunotherapy is based on a decades-long attempt by scientists to transform the body’s immune response and its long-term memory to prevent the return of disease years after surgery. Such an approach has already been successful in preventing a number of infectious diseases.
Vaccinogen’s scientists prepare a vaccine from the patient’s own tumor and then administer the vaccine to the patient by three weekly injections one month after surgery. A fourth "booster" is administered six months later. OncoVAX® reduces recurrence and deaths by over 50%.
About Vaccinogen
Vaccinogen is a biopharmaceutical company that develops and commercializes cancer vaccines and other immunotherapeutic products – Turning Cancer on Itself™. Based in Frederick, MD, the Company has a portfolio of product candidates for the treatment of cancer, infectious disease, autoimmune, antiinflammatory diseases and fully human monoclonal antibodies in various stages of clinical development. The Company maintains a European subsidiary in Emmen, The Netherlands that operates a fully functioning cGMP manufacturing center for producing OncoVAX® vaccines.
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